Tools for living out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission with Great Compassion

Although other issues might grab headlines, each day Christians seek to live out their faith by helping their neighbors, feeding the hungry, and stepping in to help when disaster strikes.  This is the quiet heart of Christian action that Sister of Hope Ministries aims to encourage and equip.

Deepen Your Engagement

Have you ever come back from a mission trip and wanted more people to join next time?
Do you have lingering questions after your mission trip?
Are you seeking ways of connecting your international and local mission with the whole church?
Sister of Hope Ministries can walk with you through your
questions, draw connections between scripture and practice, and help your church deepen its mission engagement. 

Customized Programs

Whether you want to take a look at the big picture of your church’s mission practices, have a mission trip retreat, or have a spiritual guide accompany your mission trip, Sister of Hope Ministries has
the expertise to help you.
Sister of Hope Ministries’ specialty is connecting people in mission with tools and training to enable their faithful practice of mission. Customized programs available to meet your group’s needs. 

Get Connected

Research indicates that people who do short-term mission projects are
dedicated to living out the call to love our neighbors and to care for those who
struggle – and that they want to know more about how God is in mission in, to
and for the world. Our work focuses on studying scripture & theology of mission
with those who work in mission, providing opportunities for spiritual
growth through mission practice.

Upcoming Workshops